01. Barrymore's success in this project has certainly earned him a lot of [prestige] in his field.
02. Harvard is one of the most [prestigious] universities in this country.
03. Expo '67 helped Montreal to increase its [prestige] in the world.
04. Her father is a senior partner in one of the most [prestigious] law firms in the country.
05. Barrymore's success in this project has certainly earned him a lot of [prestige] in his field.
06. Igor Stravinsky once noted that what gives the artist real [prestige] is his imitators.
07. U.S. businessman T. Boone Pickens once suggested that far too many executives have become more concerned with the "four P's" - pay, perks, power and [prestige], rather than making profits for shareholders.
08. Hiroshi is studying at the most [prestigious] university in Japan, so he is assured of getting an excellent job when he graduates.
09. At the court of Louis XIV, [prestige] was measured by the height of the chair one was allowed to sit in, and only the King and Queen could sit in chairs with arms.
10. During my 20 year career, I have had the honor of working with the most [prestigious] scientists in this field.
11. In addition to its reputation as one of the most [prestigious] universities in the world, Harvard is also the oldest higher-education institute in the United States.
12. [Prestigious] Jamaican rums may be stored for up to 15 years before they are available for sale and export.
13. One of the most commonly used measures of social inequality is occupational [prestige].
14. Studies show that high-[prestige] professional occupations occur much more frequently and low-[prestige] occupations much less frequently on television than in the actual job market.
15. Studies show that men in our society command a disproportionate share of power, [prestige], and resources.
16. In traditional African communities, cattle are considered a measure of a family's wealth and [prestige].
17. The results of the experiment were published in a [prestigious] science journal.
18. [Prestigious] fashion companies such as Christian Dior, and Cartier have their designer leather products made in Morocco.
19. Drums have long been used in Burundi both as rhythm instruments, and as a symbol of power and [prestige].
20. Eight thousand people a year apply to the [prestigious] university at Cambridge, but only about 1,600 are accepted.

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